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If you are working anywhere in any company today you already know about the existence of Corporate politics. Where ever there is a bunch of men and even women working, corporate politics is there. Be it petty jealousy or working an extra hour to make your project better than others. Some corporate politics are healthy, some are not. We all want to get rid of the corporate politics but then again we might find it boring or simply not motivating enough to work without the existence of Corporate politics. Sometimes it’s not healthy but healthy office politics keep the work going and pushes people to get their project better and better. Who does not like to be the favorite person of the boss or an office rockstar, right? While there are infinite numbers of different office politics, some symptoms and some corporate politics exist in every office. Here, we will see a few of them and both positive and negative side of them, if they have any.


Jealousy is not only the most common symptom and reason in office politics but the most common and old one within the human race probably. People have been jealous of us at every stage of our life and we have been jealous of others. In corporate politics, jealousy is a very common reason that starts any other politics at work in the first place. If you feel jealous of someone’s work and instead of doing something better than their work if you try to ruin there’s, now that’s not healthy and you need to get your head straight in the game. If there is a line drawn on the paper and you need to make that line look smaller without erasing the line or touching it, all you need to do is draw a longer line beside that line. That’s exactly how you use office politics in your favor and achieve your goals while playing fair. Using office politics as a motivation. If you are jealous of the project your co-worker made this week, make a better one. Work hard, put in some extra effort, even talk to the co-worker for help and tips or others and make your project so much better,that you can steal all the attention you need to feel better. Jealousy, in general, is a bad and cheap term but here you are turning jealousy as your motivation, cheap politics into the healthy competition and making something better out of it.

Two Face-ism:

Another very common politics at the workplace and in life. Dealing with the two-faced people, This creates confusion, a misunderstanding which leads to greater mess often creating small anti-groups that have misconception and wrong understanding of each other and where they stand. Politics in the corporate world leads to downfall most of the time if it’s not a healthy politics as mentioned earlier in this article. How to survive in corporate politics like Two Face-ism? It’s easy to solve and deal with. Be straightforward about your opinion on everything and everyone and stand for your own opinion. Express yourself in front of everyone. Expressing yourself, in the beginning, is better than explaining yourself in the end. So be upfront and speak your heart and mind out, before people hear about you from someone else and judges you, you speak to them. Speak to everyone in the open and be yourself to everyone. Treat everyone equally and if you get a negative vibe from someone just avoid further engagement. That way you image will be created in front of everyone at the same time and won’t let people create an image of you that is not you. To survive through corporate politics you have to be above it.

Grandstanding (taking sides):

Another very common politics at the workplace is grandstanding or having a biased opinion in a supportive way for someone. Mostly normal employees to their team leaders or bosses. To please the leader the pack of grandstanders will support any idea or anything the leader does just to have a good image in front of the leader and also expecting extra facilities from them. These people will support any idea but actually, have no commitment towards the project or plan. This creates a mess as when the project is proposed it seems to have a lot of employee working on it but eventually grandstanders will fall back or just be around for the face time and others will suffer from working more till fill up for the gap grandstanders creating. The only way to stop this mess from happening is to create a plan of action. Before any project starts and teams are selected, employees should be listed and handed their part of the job with a deadline so the team could work in sync with everyone finishing their part of the job in time and properly. Once this process starts, grandstanders will either deliver their part of the project on time or from the next time they will fall back in the beginning and won’t make the fake promise of commitment. Either way, the workplace teams will have a clear idea of how many employees are working and how much work they are sharing on each employee’s part during every project.

 Indirect communication:

Indirect communication is another problem every workplace or office has. Often employees avoid engaging in an open discussion and talks behind people’s back on the various matter. This creates confusion and misconception about each other. Employees complain to the leaders or supervisors instead of sorting things out on their own, that starts the game of holding grudges and unhealthy politics of stabbing each other on the back. Complaining about each other and not appreciating what other employees are doing for the team or company. The way out of this is to be straightforward, open up in front of everyone and in open forums. Let people know what you think of them or their work, clear out the confusion and let the air pass between you and other employees that way you will have an image of yourself created in the open and most importantly it will be same for everyone.


Corruption is everywhere on every base of our society and corporate industry or our workplaces are no different. People are actually damaging the companies in order to get more profit out of their 9 to 5 life, monetarily and in every way possible. Employees faking project reports, cash memo and many more unethical ways to corrupt the company and make a profit.Upholding ethical standards is not a nice thing to do, it’s a must thing to do. With all these corporate scandals happening around, one should stay as far as they can be from corruption or being corrupted. Being straightforward and honest is the best way to stay away from corporate politics or corruption at the workplace. Be honest, loyal and transparent. Also to stop corruption totally inside an organization the leadership should imply strict rules and take steps against corruption. The organization should have 0 tolerance for people who are corrupt or people who are siding with them also declare the ethical code of the organization clearly. As an employee, be honest, loyal and transparent. Decline to join anything that is corrupt and be on your own course of honesty.

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