There is a never-ending debate on this topic if a leader can be made over the years. To be very honest, we all want to see ourselves as leader, a few even have searched for the leadership training companies in India or the respective places we live at certain point of time. But the question is whether this is even a skill or set of skills that can be brushed up to become a globally acclaimed leader in their respective fields, be it- business, politics or even in the field of academics.

There are nth numbers of organisations in different sectors globally. But very few organisations have the reputation and fame that even the pole-apart countries can recognise them, to name one of such organisations is “Apple Inc.” Even if the products are not within the reach of all, still the brand “Apple” is so popular. This enthusiasm for a brand is not only the rarest but very few organisation ever can strategize and address their global admirers the way Apple has kept on doing it for years now. 

Though the success of any organisation depends primarily on its employees, but the supreme reason of such exceptional achievement comes from a visionary leader! Here, the leader is Steve Jobs, with his extra-ordinary leadership qualities, he has been able to win millions of hearts globally. The Apple has a very niche customer base, even with that they are amongst the world’s top profit-making company. With the vision of Steve Jobs, Apple has been able to acquire a very loyal customer base that their customers will not even consider cheaper available options because of the amazing user-friendliness and satisfaction from apple gadgets.

The question arises, is there any such leadership training companies available in the whole world if not in India to produce a visionary leader?

There are theories which explain that a leader never can be made but born with the traits which make even an ordinary person a leader. Remember the Mumbai Taj Hotel attack incident? Among the innumerous ordinary employees, a few went beyond their limits and did not think twice to sacrifice their lives to protect guests present during the time of the mishap. During the training period, every hotel employee undergoes the same training protocols but during an unusual circumstances like this, only a couple of employees came out from that shell to save the lives of hundreds of guests.

If one considers a leadership training companies, they can polish certain leadership skills. To name a few leadership qualities, strategic thinking, delegation, flexibility, problem-solving ability, active listening etc. a person can develop over the period of time after getting proper training, either from any leadership training companies or from the workplaces itself, which conduct soft skills development training sessions for their employees. 

Over the years, so many scientific theories evolved, some of which affirm that one can only possess the leadership qualities, no leadership training companies can catalyse the process of being a leader, whereas other theories, in behavioral science, explain how it can be developed slowly with proper leadership training.

Recall another event in 2007, the ICC T20 World cup final match between India vs. Pakistan. A new captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was leading a team of mostly inexperienced young Indian cricketers. With one wicket in hand, 13 runs to win for Pakistan in the last over, Misbah-Ul-Haq and Asif on the crease, the captain cool passed on the ball to the newcomer Joginder Sharma, and the whole nation almost broke down, and under the tremendous pressure it was a wide on the very first delivery, following a dot, it was a huge six by Misbah. We, all gave up at this point. But on the next delivery, Misbah chose the wrong shot and gave up his wicket as Sreesanth caught the ball just beside the boundary line and India created the history after 1983 by winning the world cup that too by a young brigade. The decision taken by Dhoni could have been the wrong one, but the positivity, determination, perseverance and confidence on his team he showed to lead his team during the crucial time undoubtedly showcased how great as a leader he was!

The argument might be unceasing, but the upstanding character of a leader is hard to build by any leadership training companies. A leader’s vision, optimism, and ability to remain stable under any circumstances certainly create a remarkable difference which any leadership training companies may not assure to build.