With the constant digitization of almost every sphere of life today, Learning Management Systems or LMSs have become an integral part of both corporate and educational training. An LMS is a comprehensive software medium that provides a collective platform for every aspect of virtual training. An LMS allows you to update and manage training content, deliver it and also evaluate the progress of those receiving the training. An ideal LMS should be user friendly, adaptable to both computers and smart phones and also cost effective. 

Here is a list of the top 5 Learning Management Systems (LMS) in India:

  1. Abara- Abara LMS follows a mobile-first method of providing corporate training. It is a very responsive and smartphone-ready interface supported on all popular mobile phones and operating systems. It provides gamification and allows the users to see their ranking compared to others on the leaderboard. Through Abara, classroom training can be provided to multiple batches at various locations simultaneously. Abara also has an in-built shopping cart where you can securely sell the online courses.
  2. HandyTrain- HandyTrain provides easy tools for content creation, by choosing from a number of available templates. It provides personalized communications via sms and emails to each leaner to prompt them towards completing the training process in time. HandyTrain provides assessment of the learners and also of the training programs to measure their effectiveness.
  3. ZICO- ZICO is a specialized Learning Management System designed for corporate training. It is a cloud based platform which provides quick access of all the available content to every participant and is adaptable to platforms like Cloud & Android App. With a wide range of e-learning contents, quizzes and videos, ZICO is one of the top LMS in India. Apart from the benefits to the learners, this platform also allows the trainers to track the learning progress of the students and allows the participants to engage in gamification by challenging colleagues across networks and thus add scores to their performance appraisal systems.
  4. Docebo– It is an easy-to-use AI powered LMS that is useful for providing training in both internal and external platforms. Docebo Pages allow the learning platform to be personalized differently for different users. Gamification mechanics are provided within every online course to increase engagement. 
  5. WizIQ– WizIQ provides a virtual classroom platform to institutes, tutors as well as organizations. Creating and selling custom-branded online courses is easy with this platform. WizIQ has mobile apps for both android and iOS platform, hence making the courses available easily at any time. This platform also has a range of beautiful interfaces to help customize logos and banners matching with every brand.