1000 pounds as a joining bonus! Sounds rather unbelievable in this job market (where jobs are becoming increasingly scarce) doesn’t it? But that is the amount which British retail giant Tesco has offered as a joining bonus to lorry drivers! 


As per BBC reports, for any lorry driver who joins the supermarket before September 30 this signing on perk will be offered on the spot! This decision has come in the light of the severe paucity of HGV workers (around 100,000 drivers) which led to stock and fuel shortages in the UK retail industry.


According to industry experts, this shortage took place as many HGC driving tests were stalled due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit-related changes. So to attract talent many retail companies have been offering attractive perks and benefits like high joining bonuses. Some companies like the Morrisons have been offering driving lessons to some staff so that they can double as lorry drivers as well.