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While most people are accustomed to traditional job interviews that take place in-person, the new normal has had a profound effect on transforming that as well. As offices shut down, people started to work from home and travel less, employers had to shift to the virtual platform for conducting job interviews as well. If you have had to appear for a job interview in 2020, or are going to appear for some any time soon, it is most likely to be an online one. Though employers try to keep it as similar to a traditional interview as possible, fact remains that it is something comparatively new to both the sides. Hence there are some online interview tips to keep in mind both while conducting and appearing for online interviews and how can you learn these skills from the best training companies in India.

If you are conducting the interview:

  • According to the best training companies in India, virtual interview etiquettes apply to the person conducting the interview as well. Given the circumstances, you may be having to conduct the interview from your home. Set up the scene well. Choose a neat background and remove anything that you don’t want to be seen in the camera. You still need to appear professional even if you are not at office. Dress appropriately and make sure that you are visible from waist up in the camera. Remember, as the job seekers are not able to directly see the office, you are the one who will be representing the company.
  • Check your gadgets and internet connection. Being late to start the interview is almost as bad as being late to appear in it. So check your internet connectivity on the day of the interviews. Also, make sure your gadgets are working fine. Make sure you know how to solve it if a technical glitch appears. Technical glitches can happen at both ends and candidates appearing for the interview, who may already be somewhat tensed, tend to often get more nervous if their computer or smartphone stops working during the interview. Try to help them out with the issue and also have a back-up plan ready. You can simply carry on with the conversation over phone to maintain the flow.
  • Be professional but also empathetic. We are all going through a rough phase. Try to begin the conversation by asking the candidate how they are doing. Make them feel comfortable talking to you. Also, be kind and courteous. Do not fret if a child or pet jumps into the screen of the interview. Try to acknowledge everyone’s personal situation.
  • The candidate may also need to make some arrangements or adjust the time for when the interview is scheduled. Inform them about the time and the software via which you wish to conduct the interview at least one day in advance so they can download a software if needed.
  • Be mindful. Don’t appear distracted and unfocused. Give the candidate the impression that you are paying attention to everything they are saying. Realizing that you are patient may help them to be less tensed. Practice talking while looking into the camera so that it appears like you are maintaining eye contact. If you need to take down some notes about them while talking, express that to them verbally. Else, if you are constantly having to look away from the screen to write something, it may appear as if you are distracted by some other work.
  • Portray your organization through yourself. In a traditional interview, candidates can come to the office to get a feel of the environment and work culture and decide if it suits them. But when things go virtual, you are the only contact they will have before joining or not joining the company. Try to give a clear idea and impression of the organization to the candidates during the interview. The best training companies in India will make you an expert at this.

If you are appearing for the interview, here are some very important online interview tips which the best training companies in India can help you master:

  • Try to be in a quiet place in your home at the time when the interview is scheduled. If you have kids or pets who may need your attention at a specific time, try not to keep interviews at that time. Also, choose a spot in your home where it will be quite and the background is neat with preferably just a plain wall. Keep your phone on silent and close any other window on your computer to avoid distraction.
  • Do not dress casually. This is an essential virtual interview etiquette. Dress exactly as you would for a normal in-person interview. Wear neat, formal clothes and appear presentable. This gives an impression to the employer that you are serious about the job. Don’t wear clothes with too vibrant colours or patterns or any flashy jewelry. Though it is understandable that you may only want to ‘dress up from waist up’ while sitting in front of the screen, wearing the complete formal outfit may help you to boost your confidence. And if you need to stand up for any reason, you surely don’t want to be seen wearing your pjs below a nice shirt!
  • Do not rely on notes for answering interview questions. Yes, do your research about the company you have applied for and prepare beforehand for the interview questions. But if you have taken down any notes, try not to glance at them while answering. The interviewer will notice that you are constantly glancing at something off the screen, even if it is for a few seconds. This does not create a good impression.
  • Check if you need to download any application for the virtual interview as soon as you receive an invitation for the same. Nothing can be worse than being late for the interview because you were still downloading a program or did not know how to use it. It is always advisable to do a practice run on the program beforehand with a friend or anyone else who can assist you. Also check your gadgets, audio, visual and internet connection on the day of the interview. It is also better to use headphones instead of relying on the microphone of your pc or laptop.
  • Treat the virtual interview just like a traditional one. Practice talking while looking into the camera so that it appears as if you are looking directly at the interviewer. Remember essential non-verbal etiquettes like eye contact, smiling and posture. Do remember to pause after every question and answer. There might be a technical delay in the sound reaching the other end.
  • Remember the post interview formality just as in the case of a normal interview. Send a follow-up email within 24 hours after the interview thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration. The best training companies in India say that this will help them to remember you if they have been conducting a series of interviews that day.