Habituated to a long spell of working in the comfortable confines of their own home in the quarantine period, many employees now feel reluctant to return to the familiar 9 to 5 office schedule. Many corporate bigwigs in the UK are now coming up with lucrative incentives to lure employees back to the office! For example, a cash bonus of 1000 pounds is being offered by accounting and consulting giant PwC to employees who return to work. Finance Goliath Goldman Sachs are offering unbelievable perks and incentive to its employees such as free breakfast and lunch as well as ice-cream for its employees so that they leave the comfort of their home and rush to the office! Havas, London is also offering yummy perks such as subsidized healthy meals on ‘’Wellness Wednesdays’’ as well as free lunches on Mondays and Fridays.

Nothing works like incentives to motivate you to get back to work!