Great news for engineering graduates! IT giant Wipro has plans to hire 30,000 fresh graduates from campus! According to sources, Wipro plans to recruit 12,000 freshers in FY22, which is about 33% higher than last financial year. Out of these 30,000, 2000 recruits have already joined the company in the first quarter of 2021. Another 6000 are expected to join in the second quarter. The remaining 22,000 graduates are scheduled to join in FY23. Demand for more tech talent and high attrition rates have caused many IT companies to increase the number of new hires and introduce attractive perks such as salary hikes to maintain high attrition rates. . In the first quarter of FY22 TCS had hired about 20,409 more people as associates. Wipro has also declared a salary hike for about 80% of its employees which will come into effect from September 2021.