Employment opportunities in India will change drastically as we are about to step out from the pandemic-ravaged 2020, job-seekers may finally see some rays of hope. According to market reports, the corporate world is cautiously gearing up to increase hiring opportunities in the coming year.

With extreme economic uncertainties, in 2020, most companies did not prioritize their hiring plans, appraisals and pay hikes were reduced with some companies even downsizing their workforce. Industries like travel, hospitality, retail, construction and others were badly hit. With the new normal trends of remote working, many organizations massively reduced the work they conducted directly from office.

However, this is exactly what may open up new Employment opportunities in India in the coming year. Many organizations are going to continue with the remote working culture, which will give them a chance to hire deserving candidates from practically anywhere, and not just the ones who can commute to the workplace. The era of digitization and AI-dependency brought about by COVID-19 can thus be used to the advantage of the job market.

Experts say that almost every industry is showing positive signs of recovery. Employment opportunities in India are likely to increase by almost 50 percent compared to the lockdown days. Companies are cautiously taking steps towards further recruitment as chances of successful vaccines are also on the rise. As many as 87 per cent companies plan to give salary increases in 2021 compared to 71 per cent in 2020.

Experts are also of the opinion that due to more flexible work models and work-from-home opportunities, the percentage of women being hired has increased in 2020, and is expected to continue in 2021 as well.