Life has never been sweeter for OYO employees it seems. OYO Hotels & Homes have introduced several unbelievably high perks for its workforce, to ensure the well-being and a healthy work-life balance. The employees can now enjoy a special day of which has been termed as ‘OYOpendence Day’.


This holiday scheduled for August 17 is dedicated to hardworking employees who have given their best to the company during the pandemic. Employees have been given the right to enjoy yearly holidays even when they are working from home. The teams have been instructed to work only during official work hours and not beyond. 


The employees will now work only 5 days a week. Unless there is an emergency, a total curfew will be observed during the weekends – which means zero messages, calls, or online meetings related to work. Performance review meetings will not be scheduled on Monday – as the employees will have to then prepare for them during the weekends. 


But the fun does not stop here.


OYO has teamed up with a fitness app, Cure. fit. So the employees can now avail themselves of several services such as fitness sessions, yoga, meditation classes, throughout the year with special discounts.