Axis Bank is celebrating diversity like never before. The bank has introduced a ‘Come As You Are’ charter of policy for their queer/LGBTQ+ employees. This revolutionary initiative is a product of the banks ‘DilSeOpen’ policy. This charter will include: 

  • Right to list partners for Mediclaim benefits irrespective of sex, gender, and marital status
  • Open Joint Saving Bank Account or Team Deposit with the same-sex partner or spouse and make them a nominee
  • Employees will be allowed to dress as per their gender identity.
  • The workforce will be assigned bathrooms in accordance with their gender identity
  • A redressal policy.

The banking and the finance industry has always been rather regimental on conformity and more resistant to flexibility and change. It will be interesting to see whether Axis Bank’s revolutionary employee policy can help the banking sector celebrate inclusivity and diversity in its organizational culture.