The A-Z of hiring might be handled by AI ( artificial intelligence) in the future. In an era where more and more offices are going remote and physical – face to face interviews are becoming rarer, many organizations are using AI tools to find the right fit for the job. While AI cannot completely replace the human element in the recruitment process, what it can do, is to make hiring processes less time-consuming. Often much time is spent going through resumes. Now the hiring department can simply use software that can schedule interviews or automate the application process. AI tools can also be used to filter resumes through keywords. Some organizations which specialize in using AI tools to select desired candidates like Skillate are emerging in India. AI-powered algorithms are used to automate resume screening so that recruiters have access to qualified candidates in no time. To prevent biases, all personal data is kept anonymous and candidates are constantly updated whether they are eligible for the next process of the interview or not.