He is back after a self-imposed sabbatical.

In recent months, Vishal Garg had been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. When the news of him firing 900 employees over a Zoom call came out, it seemed like the CEO of Better.com was about to snatch the dubious honour of being ‘the most hated CEO’ from Martin Shkreli as he was met with some well-deserved criticism and severe trolling. But after some ‘time-off’ he has returned to the helm of the New York-based mortgage lender.

According to the BBC, Garg had spent his sabbatical, reflecting on his leadership values, reconnecting with the values of Better, and working closely with an executive coach.

The board directors at Better revealed that they have full confidence in Garg’s abilities to provide the leadership and vision that Better.com requires.

While Mr. Garg may be back in the business, seemingly reformed and repentant, will he prove that he has learned to be a more humane leader? Only time will tell.